Angular – Concepts, Code and Collective Wisdom

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Angular - Concepts, Code and Collective Wisdom

Angular – Concepts, Code and Collective Wisdom

Learn the core concepts, play with the code, become a competent Angular developer

Consider taking this course if you are a developer who wants to quickly learn Angular concepts without having to read the online docs, blog posts, GitHub issues, and StackOverflow posts. I’ve attempted to digest much of that information for you, and I’ve attempted to streamline this course as much as possible — no fluff! (Honestly, you don’t need a 28 hour course to learn Angular.)

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What you’ll learn

  • Understand the core concepts and building blocks of the framework: RxJS Observables,
  • Components, Templates, Data Binding, Services, Dependency Injection, and Change Detection
  • I guarantee you’ll learn things that are not in the Angular documentation
  • Learn about Reactive Programming in general, and the specifics about the RxJS library that
  • Angular uses with HTTP, forms, and routing. Observables, operator, and Subjects are all covered.
  • Thoroughly understand how change detection works, some pitfalls, and how to make it even more efficient for your app
  • Learn how to “think in Angular” to architect your next project using Components, Directives, Services and Domain Models
  • Fully understand all of the different types of data binding provided by the framework
  • Understand how data flows through the system, and the various ways that components can communicate with each other and with services
  • Pick up some TypeScript and ES6/ES2015 features that you’ll use often with Angular, like classes, metadata, decorators and arrow operators
  • Learn best practices and conventions
  • Become aware of common errors (we’ll make them together) and see how to quickly fix them
  • Confidently start writing your own Angular applications

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