Build an FPS Multi-Player Game with Photon PUN2 & UNITY

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Build an FPS Multi-Player Game with Photon PUN2 UNITY

Build an FPS Multi-Player Game with Photon PUN2 & UNITY

Learn how to make your own Multiplayer First-person shooter ZOMBIE game using Photon PUN2 and UNITY

In this course, you will develop your own FPS multiplayer zombie game! With our instructions, you will learn how to use and implement all these things:

  • Program Enemy AI to fight against, in a PvE (Player vs. Environment) round-based style similar to Left 4 Dead and COD Zombies.
  • Photon PUN2 – Learn to make multiplayer games with the best engine available for Unity!
  • Ready to expand to PvP (Player vs. Player) – Only a few steps away from having your very own PvP combat
  • Learn map building secrets and techniques used daily in the industry for competitive and arena-based games
  • Improve your game design skills through our design fundamentals and learn what makes a game fun
  • Get to know the simple steps it takes to turn your game into a mobile game, including touch controls and in-editor mobile testing.
  • Set up a system to let your player interact with environmental assets, using our vending machine example!
  • Learn how to sync everything over the Network via Photon Pun’s built-in components
  • Get to know PUN2’s custom functions for network communication like RPC’s (Remote Procedural Calls), Photon Hashtables, Custom properties, and Pun Callback Overrides
  • And with all that, you’ll be able to take your Singleplayer game and turn it into the Multiplayer game you always wanted!

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What you’ll learn

  • Build a First Person Shooter / zombie survivor game
  • Learn how to use Photon PUN2 to build Multiplayer Games
  • Expand your Game Design knowledge
  • Ready to expand to PvP (Player vs. Player) game
  • Touch controls implementation
  • Build Maps
  • Implement Touch Controls
  • Learn a lot about 3D animations, enemies, health systems, level design, game design

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