ES6, ES7 & ES8, TIME to update your JavaScript/ECMAScript!

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ES6, ES7 & ES8, TIME to update your JavaScript/ECMAScript!

ES6, ES7 & ES8, TIME to update your JavaScript/ECMAScript!

ECMAScript Next is here. It’s time to modernize your JavaScript.

If you have spent anytime coding in JavaScript, you have heard about ES6, ECMAScript, or ES2015. Maybe it was an obnoxious co-worker trying to put you down, another Udemy course keeps mentioning it, or you saw it on a Stack Overflow answer. If you’re not familiar with it, or are still wondering what the difference is between ECMAScript and Javascript, it’s the update that occurred in 2015 and subsequent years. Considering the history of JavaScript (which started in 1995), there was no update between 2000 and 2008, then again after that from 2008 until 2015, ECMAScript 2015 it is a BIG deal. It modernizes JavaScript. Smaller, but still important changes were released in ES7 (2016) and ES8 (2017).

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What you’ll learn

  • Know a basic timeline of ECMAScript and the JavaScript language
  • Use the new methods and options available in modern releases of JavaScript
  • Differentiate between the versions of JavaScript
  • Transition easier between JavaScript and other programming langauges

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