70+ JavaScript Challenges: Data Structures & Algorithms

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70+ JavaScript Challenges Data Structures & Algorithms Udemy Coupons

70+ JavaScript Challenges: Data Structures & Algorithms Udemy Course

Build better foundational skills as a developer by doing challenges and learning about data structures and algorithms.

Most of my students know me for my practical, project-based courses and tutorials. I wanted to create something to give you more fundamental skills for problem solving. That’s where the idea for this challenges course came from. I want to take my down-to-earth explanations to help you get a better understanding of the code that you write and help you write more efficient code.

This 70+ JavaScript Challenges: Data Structures & Algorithms Course is for all levels as long as you have a basic understanding of things like loops, functions, arrays, etc. We are writing JavaScript in this course, but about 95% of it can translate to any other language. So even if you are a Python, PHP or C# developer, you can still follow along.

What you’ll learn in 70+ JavaScript Challenges: Data Structures & Algorithms Course

  • Explore 70+ coding challenges from beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.
  • Ace coding interviews by learning how to solve problems with iteration, recursion, array methods & more.
  • Master data structures like stacks, queues, linked lists, trees, maps and hash maps
  • Learn about sorting algorithms like bubble sort, insertion, merge and quick sort
  • Full sandbox with explanations and Jest tests for every challenge
  • You do NOT have to take on the challenges alone. Follow along and learn from the explanations.

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