Kubernetes in NFV (TelcoCloud)

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Kubernetes in NFV (TelcoCloud)

Kubernetes in NFV (TelcoCloud)

Learn Kubernetes along with the contexts of NFV & TelcoCloud

This course contains theory & practice for all the components of Kubernetes & that too in the context of a telco cloud i.e. in the context of NFV. The theoretical portion contains creative diagrams, real-life examples & comparative studies so that even an absolute beginner can understand it. In this course, we will learn how to launch our own Kubernetes cluster on Google cloud for free, so that you have a lab to practice even after the completion of the course. However, this lab is not the exact replica of a production-grade data center. Around 90% of tasks can be performed here as compared to the actual environment.

The course has been designed considering the daily job of a Telco cloud operations engineer but, anyone who is interested to understand Telco cloud or Kubernetes, in general, can benefit from this course. It contains core concepts of Kubernetes like Pods, Deployments, Services, Statefulsets, Networking, Storage, etc & how these concepts are applied in the TelcoCloud CNFs (Containerised network functions).

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What you’ll learn

  • Excellent Hands-On experience on all the Kubernetes components. Build your own lab (for free) & create K8s objects & CNFs
  • Completely understand the purpose of Containerization & Cloud computing & also understand why Kubernetes is essential for mobile operators.
  • Excellent understanding & decoupling of TelcoCloud components. Journey of a legacy Telco node from a proprietory machine to a VNF & then to a CNF.
  • Capacity planning for cloud infrastructure, Deep dive in Kubernetes networking & storage concepts
  • Amazing explanation of thoeritical concepts via analogies, real world examples & comaprative studies

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