Master Practical MLOps for Data Scientists & DevOps on AWS

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Master Practical MLOps for Data Scientists & DevOps on AWS

Master Practical MLOps for Data Scientists & DevOps on AWS Course

Empower Your MLOps Journey: Unleash AI/ML Mastery on AWS with Expert Guidance – From Notebook to Production Operation

Welcome to “Master Practical MLOps for Data Scientists & DevOps Engineers with AWS.” This comprehensive course is designed for individuals aspiring to excel in artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) development or data science roles, approaching them with a Production Level mindset. Throughout this course, you will enhance your skills in designing, building, deploying, optimizing, training, tuning, and maintaining ML solutions for real-world business challenges, leveraging the power of the AWS Cloud in conjunction with DevOps best practices tailored for Machine Learning.

While you may already possess a fundamental understanding of machine learning, it’s essential to recognize that employers seek more than just the basics that can be run on a local notebook.

From an employer’s perspective, candidates are expected to demonstrate:

  1. Proficiency in following model-training best practices on extensive cloud-based datasets.
  2. Expertise in adhering to deployment best practices, ensuring consistent functionality.
  3. Capability in implementing operational best practices to guarantee zero downtime.

In essence, you’re expected to tackle business problems by implementing solutions on scalable datasets, moving beyond the confines of personal laptops. Throughout this learning journey, we will follow a structured path, guiding you logically through the course material with in-depth explanations and relevant practical exercises and demonstrations.

What you’ll learn in MLOps Course

  • Configuring the CI/CD Pipeline for Machine Learning Projects
  • Ability to track the source code & training images, configuration files with Git Based Repository – AWS CodeCommit
  • Ability to Perform the Build using AWS CodeBuild
  • Ability to Deploy the Application on Server using AWS CodeDeploy
  • Orchestrate the MLOps steps using AWS CodePipeline
  • Identify appropriate AWS services to implement ML solutions
  • Perform the Load testing
  • Monitoring the End Point Performance
  • Monitoring the Model Drift
  • The ability to follow model-training best practices
  • The ability to follow deployment best practices
  • The ability to follow operational best practices

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Who this MLOps course is for:

  • Anyone preparing for Data Science, Machine Learning & Deep Learning Interviews
  • Anyone interested in learning how Machine Learning is implemented on Large scale data
  • Anyone interested in AWS cloud-based machine learning and data science
  • Anyone looking to learn the best practices to deploy the Machine Learning Models on Cloud
  • Anyone looking to learn the best practices to Operationalize the Machine Learning Models

Embark on this journey to elevate your AI/ML and DevOps skills to the next level, and equip yourself to solve complex business challenges using the latest tools and best practices on the AWS platform. Your success in the world of MLOps begins here.

Taught by Manifold AI Learning ®
Learn the Future – Data Science, Machine Learning & AI

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