NFT Marketplace – A Guide for React, Next & Solidity (2023)

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NFT Marketplace in React, Typescript & Solidity - Full Guide

NFT Marketplace – A Guide for React, Next & Solidity (2023) Course

Build Web3 NFT Marketplace on Ethereum using React/Next, Solidity, and Pinata (IPFS), with Typescript. Covers Polygon.

Created by Filip Jerga, Eincode by Filip Jerga with 22.5 hours on-demand video courses

Course Description

This NFT Marketplace course covers the essentials for developing a decentralized NFT application based on the ERC721 standard. Students will gain practical knowledge by creating a real-world NFT application. The course guides students in understanding ERC721 smart contracts and provides hands-on experience in their creation. For the development of dApps covered in the course, the front end is built using the React JS library and the Next JS framework. CSS and design aspects are implemented using the Tailwind framework

As an additional component, the NFT Marketplace course includes a bonus section dedicated to developing a pet adoption application. This application will be created using React JS and Hardhat for managing and deploying smart contracts. The final product will be deployed to the Polygon blockchain later.

NFT Marketplace Application:

This NFT course teaches the creation of an interactive NFT marketplace where clients can purchase NFTs using Ether. The application is built with Next JS and React JS, utilizing the Tailwind CSS framework for styling. Students will learn to integrate Web3 JS code for blockchain communication and use the Provider/Consumer concept for accessibility across components. The course also covers implementing smart contracts following the ERC721 token standard.

Additionally, students will explore data management using the SWR library and learn to store NFT metadata on Pinata (IPFS) storage. They will gather and submit data from forms, establishing the crucial link between metadata and NFT creation. The course provides comprehensive guidance on building an NFT marketplace, from setup to smart contract implementation and data handling.

The most mentionable topics covered in this application are:

  • Integration of Next JS with Web3 and the blockchain
  • Achieving reactivity using Hooks and SWR
  • Creation of an NFT (ERC721) smart contract
  • Manipulation and storage of NFT data on Pinata
  • Utilization of Typescript for development

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What you’ll learn in NFT Marketplace Course

  • Create a true NFT marketplace!
  • Understand complex topics in practical and fun way.
  • Get complete toolkit to work with any Blockchain.
  • Develop a real app on the Blockchain.

Who this NFT course is for:

  • Juniors to mid-level devs interested in blockchain tech
  • People looking for the practical Solidity/Ethereum/NextJS development guide.
  • This course is for everyone eager to understand how to build an app from scratch
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