React Hooks with Axios and Bootstrap – Bitcoin Price Tracker

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React Hooks with Axios and Bootstrap - Bitcoin Price Tracker

React Hooks with Axios and Bootstrap – Bitcoin Price Tracker

Build a cryptocurrency, blockchain, or altcoin price tracker using React.js, Axios, and Bootstrap 5!

Come check out my first course – ‘React Hooks with Axios and Bootstrap – Bitcoin Price Tracker’! In this four module, seventeen lesson course we’ll build a single page application using some of the latest technology powered by JavaScript ES6+. We will start by downloading our required dependencies and end up with an interactive application that checks the price of cryptocurrency *LIVE*. This course includes…

  • Building a modern frontend with the React.js library
  • Making HTTP requests using Axios
  • Styling with Bootstrap and React-Boostrap
  • Practice with the terminal and command line console
  • Building our frontend to work with the API
  • Passing props down from components to render dynamic data
  • Creating utility functions in separate directories and importing them into in our main application
  • Using containers and cards for mobile first design and styling
  • Error handling and loading spinners while fetching data from cloud database networks

This is *NOT* an introduction to web development course or a course on trading cryptocurrency or finance. We are together working on learning how to use the most modern web development technologies to create dynamic single page applications that do real work in a valuable space. Any new learners should already have prior experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript before learning any web development library or framework.

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What you’ll learn

  • Build a powerful, fast, user-friendly and web application with ReactJS.
  • Use React Hooks and React Components with a purpose!
  • Make API calls to fetch *live* data from authoritative sources.
  • Styling with React Bootstrap components and mobile-friendly user experience.

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