Xamarin C# & PowerShell integration to Automate Network tool

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Xamarin C# & PowerShell integration to Automate Network tool

Xamarin C# & PowerShell integration to Automate Network tool

Course 7: PowerShell series, Master Network Admin tools creation using Visual Studio Xamarin, C#, XPath and PowerShell 6

In this course we’ll integrate the VS 2019 C# and Xamarin XML UI code with PowerShell scripts to deploy PS apps and GUI PowerShell scripts. Hence you will create your own network tools which are more user friendly, you can deploy any number of PS scripts in future as per need and most important of all. By end of this course you will have confidence to deploy more GUI PowerShell scripts and will be able to write complex code with deep knowledge of how to integrate GUI code with PS scripts, Advance functions, error handling and data flow in a single application that we will create together from scratch.

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What you’ll learn

  • Add PowerShell scripts to C sharp program
  • Add XML UI code to PowerShell Script file
  • Build GUI PowerShell Script file
  • Learn advance PowerShell functions, data flow, error handling … etc
  • XPath expression
  • Events and Triggers
  • Code test
  • Error handling and conditions
  • Data flow and application structure

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