Reactive Angular Course (with RxJs, Angular 17)

Deal Score+13
Deal Score+13
Reactive Angular Course (with RxJs, Angular 16) Udemy Coupons

Reactive Angular Course (with RxJs, Angular 17)

Build Angular 17 Applications in Reactive style with plain RxJs – Patterns, Anti-Patterns, Lightweight State Management

This Reactive Angular Course in a Nutshell. This course is a catalog of commonly used design patterns (and some anti-patterns) that every Angular developer should know. The goal of the course is to teach you how to comfortably design and develop applications in Angular in Reactive style using just plain RxJs, and nothing more.

This Reactive Angular Course comes with a running Github repository with the the finished code, as well as starting points for different sections of the course in case that you want to code along, which we recommend as its the best way to learn.

This Reactive Angular Course answers the common question: how far can we go in Angular while using only plain RxJs and nothing more, without introducing any state management library? It turns out that the simple set of techniques taught in this course are very well suited for a wide range of applications, especially in-house built enterprise applications.

In this Reactive Angular Course, you will learn exactly how to use RxJs to design and develop both the service and the view layers of your application, and you will understand both the advantages and the pitfalls of the reactive approach. Particularly when it comes to state management, it turns out that we can already go very far by leveraging only plain Angular and RxJs techniques, without using an additional state management library like for example NgRx

These simplified state management techniques are adequate and sufficient for a large range of applications, and we believe that you should consider them first before thinking of adopting a full-blown state management solution.

This Reactive Angular Course (with RxJs, Angular 17) includes:

5.5 hours on-demand video
2 articles
Certificate of completion
Instructor by Angular University

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What Will You Learn In this Reactive Angular Course?

  • At the end of the course, you will feel comfortable designing and developing Angular applications in reactive style, by leveraging plain RxJs-only techniques You will know how to apply simplified reactive state management techniques to different common use cases, and you will understand the advantages and the limitations of this approach
  • You will be familiar with a series of commonly needed reactive design patterns, and you will also be familiar with a series of common pitfalls to avoid

Who this Reactive Angular Course is for:

  • Web developers looking to learn how to build Angular Applications in Reactive Style
  • Angular Developers looking to learn lightweight state management techniques (using RxJs only)
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