Scala Programming In-Depth

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Scala Programming From Scratch To Depth

Scala Programming In-Depth Course

Scala Programming from Scratch to Depth

Learn Scala Programming from Scratch to Depth. From Simple program to Data Structures to OOPS and Functional Programming. Everything covered with Hands on programming. Taught in very simple english language so any once can follow the course easily. No Prerequisites Perfect start point to learn scala for Big Data Spark, Play, Scalatra, Lift, Sinatra, etc

About Scala:

Scala is a versatile and powerful programming language that combines functional and object-oriented programming paradigms. Originally created by Martin Odersky and released in 2003, Scala has gained popularity for its concise, expressive syntax and its ability to seamlessly integrate with Java, making it a preferred choice for developers seeking a smooth transition from Java to a more modern language.

Scala’s key features include strong static typing, immutability, and pattern matching, making it an excellent language for building robust and maintainable software. It offers a rich set of libraries and frameworks, particularly for web and data applications, with Play Framework and Akka being prominent examples.

One of Scala’s standout features is its support for functional programming, which allows developers to write concise, elegant code that’s easier to reason about. The language also supports concurrent and parallel programming through actors and futures.

Scala is a popular choice in industries such as finance, where performance, scalability, and maintainability are critical. Its versatility, compatibility with existing Java codebases, and active community make it a compelling language for a wide range of software development tasks.

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What you’ll learn

  • Scala Programming from scratch to in-depth, starting from simple Hello World programs, Deep diving into Data Structures, Operators (Mathematical, Logical, Conditional) to concepts of OOPs and Functional Programming with Programs solved.
  • Scala In Depth
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