Vue with Test Driven Development

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Vue with Test Driven Development Course. Learn Vue 3 by applying test driven development (using vitest, testing-library/vue)

Vue with Test Driven Development Course Content Overview


Vue with Test Driven Development – Programming with Basar

Description for Vue with Test Driven Development Course

The frontend world is having very popular frameworks which are heavily used in most of the applications.

In this course we will be learning Vue 3 by creating a web application with it. Also we will apply test driven development (TDD) methodology from beginning to the end.

We will use one of the most popular test libraries of javascript. vitest and testing-library

while building this application, we will learn

  • both options api and composition api
  • client-side routing. we will apply our custom implementation then we will use vue-router library
  • internationalization with vue-i18n
  • global state management in a component based application by using pinia

and we will see

  • how test driven development works.
  • diff of integration and unit tests
  • how it’s affecting our code qualityreusability
  • how it’s giving us the confidence about refactoring our implementation
  • how to avoid implementation details while creating tests

This course is purely built on practice. Each code piece we write, will be for our actual application implementation.

In each section we will gradually build our application. We will not jump ahead and add functionality not needed for that moment. We will implement one requirement at a time. Each implementation will bring the next requirement to us.

And following this practice, will help you to get a solid foundation about overall web application requirements and how to implement one of them with Vue by following test driven development methodology.

After completing the course, you will be able to use Vue in your next project and you will experience the benefits of test driven development.


What you’ll learn

Learning Information in Vue with Test Driven Development
  • Build application with Vue 3
  • Build an application with internationalization (i18n)
  • Learn both composition and options api
  • Build an application with client side routing, by using vue router
  • Implement global state management with pinia
  • Practice Test Driven Development in a complete project from beginning to the end.
  • Learn the test runner, vitest and understand how to structure test modules
  • How to mock external dependencies in testing.
  • Feel how the test driven development is giving confidence when refactoring your application.

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Course Information

Course Information about Vue with Test Driven Development
  • Instructor: Basar Buyukkahraman
  • Duration: 27 hours
  • Language: English
  • Source: Udemy

Courses Reviews

Reviews about Vue with Test Driven Development
9.3Expert Score

The course is very comprehensive and informative. I’m learning so many things along the way, doing the project with typescript and have already encountered some challenges. it’s a lot of fun!



Information About your Instructor for this Online Classes
Basar Buyukkahraman

I have experience on

• Java / Java EE specifications JAX-RS (Jersey), JPA (Hibernate)

• Spring Framework (Spring Boot, Security, Data)

• Spring Cloud components & microservices frameworks, messaging bus (RabbitMQ)

• JavaScript (ES6, TypeScript) / Node JS (Express.js) and frontend JS Frameworks (React (and Redux), Vue, Angular, Svelte)

• Testing frameworks (For Java pojects JUnit, Mockito, AssertJ, Cucumber / for Javascript projects Jest, Vitest, and Testing Library (for React, Svelte, Vue, Angular))

I’ve been teaching Spring Boot, React and Test Driven Development to newly graduate engineers and interns either in class environment or one on one.

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